Michael March

For several years, Mike published one illustration each week in the Phoenix New Times. He'd drive around town looking for images that inspired him. Then he'd pull out a cheap Polaroid camera, take the picture, see if it came out and then go back home to work on the drawing.
bullet bullet
"16th Street Bullet," the Ford on the lawn between Thomas and Osborn, Phoenix, Arizona

swamp Swamp coolers made both featured and peripheral appearances. Mike, a Wisconsin boy at heart, liked their simplicity and symmetry.

Mike often made nods to Linn, his wife at that time. Here he uses her pickup truck and the view from their adobe. pickup
"Palms are his Copilot," 12th Street
and Palm Lane, Phoenix, Arizona

Black vinyl
"Black Vinyl Interior,"
as seen around Phoenix, Arizona
This is a good example of Mike's creativity. Not only is the artwork expert, but Mike's cleverness shows the true talent of the week-in, week-out cartoonist / commentator.

Mike wasn't afraid to make a social commentary on occasion. If you've lived in Phoenix, you know this doesn't come without a price. Mike lived and worked in some of the rougher parts of town and tasted poverty. scratch
"Scratch and Lose"

"Off to the Wrecking Yard"
One of Mike's early trademarks was this old Chrylser he bought from our Dad. Mike painted it by hand and used it as his calling card for getting work painting murals. Moving to Phoenix from Wisconsin extended the life of the car, but...

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Created September 5/6, 1997
by Tom March