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Use the links below to learn more about your role. Specifically, look for answers to the following questions:

How do animals adapt to the places they live?

Give three examples of how an animal adapted to its conditions.

Make up 1 - 3 rules about how animals adapt. (Do you need help making up Rules?)

Starting Points on the Internet

Live Web Cams of Animals at the San Diego Zoo
Choose one of the live cams and see what the animals are doing. What time of day is it?

Home Sweet Habitat video from Crash Course Kids
"What makes a habitat a home for an animal?" If you have a pet, what does it need in its habitat?

The Amazing World of Ants video from Animal Logic
What makes ants so successful a creature? What things help them?

How to build an Ant Farm Step-by-step from Wiki-How or watch a video
Do you have the equipment to build an ant farm? Would you do it or not? Why?

Bill Nye The Science Guy - video on the Food Web
How does the food web relate to animals?

Bird Beak Diversity from Northern Arizona University
Why are they different? (hint, But still how did they get that way?

Meet the Animals images and info from National Zoo
Scroll through the gallery. Which three animals interest you most? Why?

Wild Animals habitats very basic video from Little Smart Planet
What wild animals live in your habitat?

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