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Use the links below to learn more about your role. Specifically, look for answers to the following questions:

What kinds of things make up a people's "culture?"

How do people create a culture?

Why do people create cultures?

Make up 1 - 3 rules that explain how cultures are formed and why. (Do you need help making up Rules?)

Starting Points on the Internet

What Happened Before History? Human Origins - video from Kurzgesagt
The second half focuses on how humans developed culture. What do you think is the most important thing humans developed?

What is Culture? - short video from The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
Find one statement you agree with.

List of Indigenous Peoples - from Wikipedia
Scroll the page and look at the images. Open one that interests you most and note details of culture.

Top 10 International Borders That are Visible from Space (video)
Why are things so different across some border?

50 Weirdest Foods from Around the World
Scroll and find two: one you would try and one you never would!

School lunch menus around the world - video from Brightside or view pictures
Which country's school lunch would you like best?

Houses from Around the World
Which house you you like to live in? Which one not? Why? Notice what they are made of. How do the buildings show their cultures, styles, landscapes, values?
Dance from different cultures - (see the Folk Dances Around the World Channel for more
View at least two videos. What things in the dance stand out? What might these things say about the culture? Notice the movements and clothing.

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