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Use the links below to learn more about your role. Specifically, look for answers to the following questions:

How do people live in different parts of the world?

What do they admire and like?

How does a person gain the respect of others?

Give three excellent examples of something(s) a person did that made them stand out in a good way.

Make up 1 - 3 rules that explain how people become heroes and heroines. (Do you need help making up Rules?)

Starting Points on the Internet

Cosmic Calendar - graphic is history of the universe were one year
Look at the bottom - the last minute. This is one minute out of a year!

Map Shows How Humans Migrated Across The Globe - video from Science Insider also a still image with dates
How long ago did the migration come to your area?

The Journey of Your Past - video from National Geographic links migration and DNA
What are two things you learned from this video?

The Miniature Earth - video from Al Lucca. Also a list of the numbers
How many people would be like you in this village?

Joseph Campbell & The Hero's Journey video from Netflix
Think of your favorite movie or story. How does it fit this pattern?

My Hero - People who have contributed to their community
Scroll through the page and find 1-3 people that interest you. What makes them special?

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