Caution Crool Zone
A WebQuest Series on non-violence in schools


Some people call this subject "School Safety." But if schools were always safe places to be, we wouldn't be thinking about safety. The fact is that some schools, sometimes, for some people are not safe places. So aren't we really talking about "school violence?" We can all agree that there have been too many shootings at too many schools, but there are also other forms of violence: School yard fights. One-time or on-going bullying. Verbal taunts in the lunch room. Sexual harassment. Sabotaging projects, networks or equipment. Vandalizing personal property. Initiation rites or hazing. Gang turf battles. These are some of the ways people on a school campus might be made to feel unsafe or threatened.

The following series of activities is designed to help people explore issues related to school safety. Some engage you in learning new information, some help you understand what you feel about these issues, and others throw you into discussions and problem-solving. The one thing they all have in common is the goal of helping us to keep our school zones from being Crool Zones.

We suggest you begin with the Users' Guide to get an overview. Then choose the appropriate activities for your learning goals.

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